Thursday, October 13, 2016

Video for you

Hello Everyone ~ I have a video for you that will have your markers.

Well I had the girls most of the day so I did not get as much accomplished as I would have liked.  I did get a few more cards made - down to 3 on my list.  I still have my 12 weeks of Christmas tutorials to do.  I am hoping I can do them today.

We all have them ~ markers that are almost out of ink and you really need a new one!  My video today will show you how you can refill the marker and change the nip if yours is ruined.  I hope you find this video helpful!

Thanks for visiting me today.  I hope you are able to enjoy this gorgeous weather we are having.  I do get outside several times a day to soak up some of this sun!  Have a Great Day!


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jeannemoss2000 said...

This is great information, Robbie. Thanks for sharing!