Saturday, June 11, 2016

Envelope Flip Book

Hello Stampers ~ have a I got a treat for you - an envelope flip book!

You would not believe yesterday.  I was running around all day and still felt like I did not get anything done.  I do want to share something with you.

If you remember several months ago I told you about Zoie's fairy named Emily.  Well yesterday Jess spent quite a bit of time putting together her little house area.  She spent a lot of time and thought into making it extra special.  She added lots of items Zoie got for Christmas and some Emily brought herself.  It turned out really cute.  She then wrote a note and put it in the mailbox for Zoie to get when she got the mail.  Here is a picture.

She put everything in a plastic bin so Zoie could put the top on it to keep Remi out of it.  The bottom left corner will have her pond when Zoie finds it.  The house in the upper right corner has a string of battery operated lights on it.  Zoie was so excited!  The door to the house was broken - design flaw - that Jess fixed.  When Zoie saw it was fixed she came racing out of her room and said "Mommy she is a tinker fairy.  She fixed her door."  She has watched Tinkerbell and in the movie they explain how she got her name - by fixing things she was called a "tinker" therefore the name.  Now it will be fun to watch Zoie play with her items!

The other day I shared a flip book made using washi tape.  Today I have a flip book I made using envelopes.  I was again paired up with someone to swap with.  Here is the flip book I designed.


front flap opened

first page

second page

inside page flipped open and back page

Here is the flip book I got.


inside cover and first page

tags from a pocket in the flip book

next pages

underneath the flap from above

back pages

Thanks for visiting me today.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing my flip books.  If you would like to swap with me, let me know.  Have a Super Saturday and check out You Tube for videos on how to make an envelope flip book!


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