Tuesday, February 16, 2016

High Chair Banner - Not stamping!

Hello Everyone!

Today I am flying to California with Michaela.  She came out to surprise Jess for Remi's birthday.  We had a great time.  I am looking forward to some great weather as Michaela said the daytime temps are around 70 - 80 degrees.  So much warmer than the 20 degrees we are having.  I am looking forward to a a break from the cold!

Sunday we had Remi's first birthday party.  I think I mentioned to you how busy Jess was keeping me making things for the party.  The first thing she came to me to see if we could do was to make a high chair banner.  She saw one on Etsy and wanted to do one for the party.  We began by cutting strips of fabric - choosing the fabric was a feat in itself as she wanted to go with a pink and gold color scheme.  After we had the strips cut we tied them onto a rope.  We made the rope a lot longer than it needed to be as she wants to hang it in her room after the party.

Once we had the banner created, we had to attach it to the tray.  We ended up using Command Hooks on the bottom of the tray to hold it in place.  We tied the extra rope around the back of the high chair.  Here is the finished banner attached.

Here is the birthday girl in her high chair!

Thanks for visiting me today.  I have a lot to get done today before I leave tomorrow.  Wish me luck!  Have a Marvelous Monday!


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