Thursday, May 1, 2014

Zoie's Punch Art - Squirrel

Good Morning Everyone!

Wow we had some crazy weather here yesterday.  Just north of me there was a possible tornado and in Baltimore a street caved in and took several cars with it.  Not sure if it was sink hole or not.  Then we had a ton of rain.  I have looked at plans for an ark as I am sure we are going to need it.  lol

My card today is for Zoie and her punch art!  I saw a cute fox that I thought looked like a squirrel so I made it out of gray and had it look more like a squirrel.  Lisa Vale had the directions and I used those to make my example.  Here is what I created.

inside of card and envelope

So what do you think of my squirrel?  Isn't he cute!

Thanks for visiting me today.  Are you going to do any crafting today?  Have a Great Day!


1 comment:

Carol Carriveau said...

As always, you nailed this one...Love the tall pine tree in the inside and on the envelope...very clever idea!