Thursday, June 20, 2013

Zoie's Punch Art

Hello Ladies!

Before I share my card today I have a story for you.  The other day Jess called me to tell me about the cards I send Zoie.

Jess, Chris, and Zoie spent last week at the beach.  I had sent Zoie a card the week before she left that did not get there before they left as well as one for last week.  When they got back from the beach Chris went to get the mail.  When he came into the house he handed Zoie her mail.  She looked at the envelopes and "Gigi cards" - she calls me Gigi.  She then takes the cards and immediately rips the animal off the card to play with.  Jess says she plays with them until they are falling apart.  I had to laugh as now I know she recognizes my cards from the fact that I decorate the envelopes.  She is too cute!

My card today plays on her love of imitating animals.  She is always making noises or jumping like the animal.  She will crouch down and say "ribbit" and jump like a frog.  I decided to make that animal this week.  As always I got my inspiration from Pinterest.  Again I have some weird coloring.  Sorry.  Here is my creation.

inside of card and envelope

I hope you enjoyed my creation today.  I am sure Zoie will love it. Thanks for looking and have a Great Day!



Sandy said...

All the punch art cards that you are doing for Zoie are super cute. And, you are such an inspiration to the rest of us to do something similar for our "grands." They so love to get their own mail -- and punch art is cuter than cute. Thanks for your inspiration. Hugs.

Carol Carriveau said...

But of course she knows your the way you decorate your envelopes...she will treasure these as she gets older and hopefully won't always rip off the main 'character' to play with...but what a wonderful thing for her to do! Thank you for sharing this darling story!