Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shaving Cream video - finally

 Good Morning Ladies!

Well I have the video completed and I hope I can upload it correctly.  I have to apologize that in the last frames I did not have my card centered so it was cut off some.  I have included a photo of the card after the video.  Need to work on that.  Hope you enjoy the video.


 Here is the card I made using the background I created.

inside of card and envelope - I used the piece of vellum inside to decorate the card.

Hope you enjoyed my video.  Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see.  Thanks for looking and have a Super Saturday!



Annette S said...

Hi Robbie, this looks like a great technique. Unfortunately, when I tried to watch the video, it gave a message saying 'This video is private' and would not play.

Sandy said...

Great, Robbie. I really enjoyed your video. It was very clear exactly how to mix the color, how to lay the paper, and how you came up with a finished product. I was going to ask what you did with the vellum but then I saw your inside -- very nice. I'll be back on Sunday to see the card you referred to with a portion having not enough ink. Thanks for sharing this technique with us. Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Robbie, thanks for sharing this on your video. I have made a few cards with shaving cream, a few years ago - but it is very messy. Since then, I forgot all about doing that. I will be trying it again and I hope that I can make it look as lovely as you did on your card.


Butternutsage said...

congrats on your first video Robbie nicely done!

Annette S said...

Thanks for fixing the link Robbie. This is a great video. I have always been reluctant to try this technique but after seeing your video, shaving cream is now on my grocery list. Thank you for the inspiration.